If you haven't had the pleasure of seeing Jesse Meriwether in action, you simply haven't experienced pleasure. I don't mean that in a porn-y way. She just happens to be one of the funniest actresses around. I meant THAT in a porn-y way. You go ahead and check out more videos on her YouTube channel, I'll just keep typing.

She just so happens to come down to the studio tonight, when I've got a blog post I need to write. Which is great, except I have no idea what I'm gonna write about. I certainly wasn't going to ask my dumb brother Martin to guest blog for me again. So, what? More jingles? More passive-aggressive plugs for my new short film, Misplaced (in which Jesse makes a voiceover appearance, delivering possibly the most controversial line in the movie)? No! My readers deserve better than that. This week, anyway.

Brainstorming commenced.

I decided that we should all get to know Jesse better. And what better way to become acquainted than to have her randomly pick an issue from my substantial (but hardly comprehensive) collection of Playboy magazines and ask her the questions from the 20Q section? She picked October 2005 (Playmate: Amanda Page), which meant that I would be posing questions originally intended for Ozzy Osbourne. Here is that interview: