I can't begin to tell you how proud I am of my brother, Martin, for completing his first novel, the simultaneously chilling and touching Inside the Outside. The reason I can't begin to tell you is that I can't get a word in edgewise, what with his constant stream of shameless self-promotion.

We get it, Martin. You have a brand new web page, martinlastrapes.com. You have a Facebook fan page. You've published a Kaczynski-esque manifesto outlining your reasons for self-publishing. Next week you're embarking on a 6-stop blog tour, whatever the hell that even means. You even have an IMdB profile. Good lord, someone is a billboard and pink Corvette away from becoming Angelyne. And that someone's name rhymes with fartin'.

Imagine my surprise when Martin showed up unannounced in my studio, dressed like he'd just come from a Men In Black 4 audition, muttering something about interviewing him for my blog. Well, there's no need to imagine my surprise, since I happened to be rolling tape at the time. Below, please find an MP3 of my interview with The Novelist, Martin Lastrapes. Listen to it. Then buy his book. He won't shut up until you do.